His struggle with alcoholism and its devastating consequences shed light on the importance of addressing addiction and seeking help. Despite his personal challenges, he left behind a musical legacy that will continue to resonate with audiences for generations to come. Liver disease affects one in four Canadians (25 per cent), and was in the top 10 causes of deaths in Canada in 2022. Liver alcoholism: disease or a choice? considered a brain disease disease is on the rise in North America, and is a growing cause of death in Canadians. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work. Harwell left Smash Mouth in 2021, shortly after a performance in Upstate New York, where he was slurring his words and seem disoriented.

All Star was released in 1999, with Shrek giving the single a second life. On the 20th anniversary of All Star in 2019, Rolling Stone reported that the band went into the studio to prove they weren’t a one hit wonder following the success of their 1997 track Walkin’ on the Sun. “Nobody else could have sang that song.” Harwell told Rolling Stone in 2019. “It would have never been what it is now. I could’ve pitched that song to a million bands and they would have tried to do it, and it would’ve never been what it is.” Smash Mouth’s first hit “Walkin’ on the Sun” and a cover of the Monkees song “I’m a Believer” have garnered hundreds of millions of streams since their releases. Formed in 1994, Smash Mouth released two platinum albums, 1997’s “Fush Yu Mang” and 1999’s “Astro Lounge,” which featured the chart-topping  “All Star.”

It’s important to understand that addiction is a disease that requires treatment, and getting help is the first step towards recovery. Harwell entered hospice care on Sunday and died on Monday, surrounded by his fiancée, friends, and family in his Boise, Idaho home. During the interview, the rapper also opened up about his upbringing, and how getting to live a normal life as a teenager prepared him for his career now. According to his recent Rolling Stone cover story, 24-year-old Harlow gave up drinking last year and is still going strong with his sobriety. “I’m sick of waking up with a dry throat, sick of feeling bloated, I’m sick of the decisions I make on it,” he tells the magazine.

Overdose deaths have climbed to an all-time high; Fentanyl is largely to blame. Though never going public with his addiction struggle, an inside source revealed that Harwell struggled with many unspecified addictions over the years, as reported to Billboard. Harwell’s long-term alcohol misuse was something he hinted at when he retired from Smash Mouth in 2022. Enter your phone number below to receive a free and confidential call from a treatment provider. Harwell also dabbled in acting and television, appearing on VH1’s sixth season of The Surreal Life and having a cameo (along with the rest of the band) in the 2001 film Rat Race.

Harwell, the frontman of pop-rock band Smash Mouth – behind the megahit “All Star” – died on Monday morning at the age of 56. Steve Harwell, former lead vocalist of the rock band Smash Mouth, is in hospice care, USA TODAY has learned. The “All Star” singer, who retired from the band two years ago, died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends, Hayes said. He’d been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy several years ago, according to previous interviews with People. The condition occurs when the heart muscles can’t effectively pump blood to the rest of the body, the Mayo Clinic explains, and it can later lead to heart failure, blood clots and cardiac arrest. If they do receive a transplant and continue to drink, “then their new liver will also fail eventually.”

  1. Overdose deaths have climbed to an all-time high; Fentanyl is largely to blame.
  2. Steve Harwell, former lead singer for rock band Smash Mouth, died at age 56 on Sept. 4, 2023, due to acute liver failure.
  3. “I want to live the richest life I can,” Harlow tells Rolling Stone, talking about his ambition.
  4. Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease where the heart muscles are not strong enough to pump blood to the rest of the body, which can ultimately result in heart failure.

“I’m in my well-oiled-machine era. Because I can see my future right in front of me. And I feel there’s so many people counting on me outside of myself.” Music fans worldwide mourned the loss of Steve Harwell, the iconic frontman of Smash Mouth. His distinctive voice and memorable performances had left an indelible mark on the music industry.

In some cases, treatments can prevent further complications or help reverse acute liver failure by giving the liver time to heal, the Mayo Clinic says. Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease where the heart muscles are not strong enough to pump blood to the rest of the body, which can ultimately result in heart failure. People suffering from cardiomyopathy may present with boating of the abdomen, dizziness, breathlessness, and rapid heartbeat. Excessive, long-term alcohol use is one of the contributing behaviors that can cause this condition. He was the frontman of the rock band Cockney Rebel, which landed several hits on the British charts in the 1970s. Acute liver failure refers to “a rapid progression of damage to the liver in a relatively short period of time,” Vijh explained.

Steve Harwell Cause Of Death: Drinking Leading To Liver Failure

“He was surrounded by family and friends and passed peacefully and comfortably,” the band’s manager, Robert Hayes, said in a statement to NBC News. “Steve Harwell was a true American Original. A larger than life character who shot up into the sky like a Roman candle,” the statement continues. “Many liver conditions show very little or no symptoms at all until later stages of disease, called chronic liver disease.”

What is acute liver failure?

“All the organs in the body work together, so if one fails, then you start seeing other organs fail, as well,” Kushner explains. “It’s a cascade of events that pretty rapidly can lead to multi-organ dysfunction, and ultimately, that’s what people pass away from.” If alcohol abuse is a recurring problem for you or someone you love, it may be time to contact a treatment provider. They can help answer your rehab-related questions and discuss available treatment options. Unfortunately, Harwell’s passing is a solemn reminder that anyone can be affected by alcohol addiction, no matter their level of success.

Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell dies at 56 of acute liver failure

Harwell retired from performing with the band two years ago and passed away after a short stay in hospice care. “Going the rest of the year without it. Maybe I’ll never take another sip, who knows?” the “What’s Poppin” rapper wrote at the time. “My favorite vice was definitely drinking (I don’t like to smoke) but if I learned anything this year it’s that I don’t need it.” Cockney Rebel’s other British hits included the 1974 single “Judy Teen,” which peaked at No. 5 on the charts that year, and a funky cover of the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” in 1976. His biggest hit was the 1975 single “Make Me Smile,” in which Mr. Harley’s even-keeled vocals and melancholic lyrics cruise over an instrumental backing that bears the optimistic sound distinct to bands of the era.

“One symptom that is unique to liver disease though, is yellowing of the skin and eyes, also known as jaundice,” Vijh said. “It’s unfortunate to hear about Steve Harwell’s passing from liver failure,” said Vijh, adding this is an opportunity to raise awareness. Acute liver failure develops quickly and is a medical emergency that can cause serious complications and requires hospitalisation. “Steve is resting at home and being cared for by his fiance and hospice care,” Hayes told the publication. US media outlets are reporting former frontman of the American rock band Smash Mouth Steve Harwell is gravely ill. Harwell was previously diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease.

“All Star” appeared in the 2001 animated movie Shrek, as did the band’s cover version of the Monkees’ classic “I’m a Believer.” Harwell dealt with multiple health conditions in the years prior to his death, including addiction, according to Hayes. “Liver failure does not necessarily have to be a death sentence,” Kushner how long does acid last says. But, she continues, “it’s not that anyone who wants a liver transplant just walks in and gets one.” There’s a waitlist for transplants and “very stringent criteria to determine who can qualify for a liver transplant,” Kushner says. Once the liver fails, kidney failure and neurologic dysfunction might follow.

He made a cameo in 2001 comedy film Rat Race and had a well-documented friendship with the Food Network chef and host Guy Fieri. The band is most known for hits like “All Star” and their cover of The Monkees’ “I’m a Believer,” which can be heard in the “Shrek!” soundtrack. During Harwell’s tenure with Smash Mouth, the band sold over ten million albums worldwide, had two #1 hit singles and a Grammy nomination. “A larger than life character who shot up into the sky like a Roman candle.” Hayes called Harwell a “true American original,” and said he should be remembered for his unwavering focus and determination to reach the heights of pop stardom.